Marinetrac turns twenty-five

March 19, 2022 | Maritime News | By OLAF SILVA

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Thank you to the domestic and international audience of the Marinetrac website! The domain turned twenty-five in March 2022.

Marinetrac occupies a niche market among the many excellent maritime websites. A unique approach harnesses company coordinates and related product categories, in affordable marketing packages, ideal for small- and medium-size companies with limited promotional budgets.

The metrics these past twelve months recorded over fifty thousand visits. The audience primarily searched for sources of supply from the current Marinetrac database of 5,245 companies and a coded online index of 6,841 product categories. In the same time frame, visitors spent an average of 4 min 09 sec per visit!

In this redesigned website, an ongoing work in progress, the expanded vision of in 2022, includes the addition of four new features: News Bytes; Message Board; Promotional Space; Brands in Motion.

News Bytes  We invite submission of topics that cover one or more of the following news categories: Associations and Societies – Green Marine and Ocean Technology  Marine Equipment  Maritime News  Offshore Marine  Ports and Cargo Handling – Shipbuilders and Marine Repairs.

Message Board – Say it in Fifty! A filtered text-messaging feature which is a venue for commercial marine enterprises to market or service, to purchase as end-users or act as agents. The monthly message of fifty words is targeted to the maritime marketplace.

Promotional Space – Sizes available in pixels: 300 w x 250 h and 300 w x 100 h positioned on the Home Page and the Search Equipment Page. These prime positions are reserved exclusively for companies that register through our Listing Options.

Brands in Motion – One-click connections to your website from your brand image or logo. This new feature is currently available on the Home Page to a maximum of 24 companies. Moving every 15 seconds from left to right, your logo is positioned for maximum attention to Marinetrac visitors.

Each of the above new features is tailored to enable speed searches by industry buyers and distributors. The Marinetrac website is supported by the latest in technology for Search Engine Optimization.

We invite you to enroll in the available options, one of which is free of cost. Step into the expanding global footprint of Marinetrac!